Sustainable Design

Creating for the Future

Sustainable Design according to the US Green Building Council is providing design in a way that meets our needs without creating a burden for future generations. Sustainable is a broad approach and philosophy in looking at the entire building as a system were all components are designed for maximum benefit to the inhabitants and energy performance of the building.

Another term in the environmental movement is Green. Being “Green” refers to specific products and techniques that reduces the use of virgin materials and are manufactured to be recycled for future use.

Start with Energy

There are many levels of sustainable design depending on your goals for the project. The most sustainably responsible thing we can do for the environment is to reduce energy consumption. These savings are deposits for the future. As energy cost rise the savings are increased. The less energy we use provides a direct reduction in damage to the environment.

Energy reduction techniques are the core of the building structure and are at the heart of being sustainable. These are not the pretty things we can see. While recycled glass countertops are good practices they are much lower in the list of priorities. The following is a list of priorities for creating your sustainable building.

Energy Saving Priorities